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Orchards Dental Care & Implant Center was started on 2004 with a mission to provide “A Happy Smile with Quality & Affordable Dental Care to All

Our dental practice is dedicated and committed to delivering oral health care, focusing on prevention of disease, Precision in diagnosis, Performance, and Patient-led care to make the best informed decision.

We take a holistic approach to dental services and our experience is in surgical procedures, such as wisdom tooth removals, dental implants, root canal treatments and restorative treatment.

At Orchards Dental Care & Implant Center, our dentist provides solutions that offer flexibility, convenience and opportunities for enhanced outcomes.

Many of our examination and treatment procedures are assisted with intra-oral camera, which we believe greatly improves accuracy in diagnosis, precision and quality of work produced, as a result of much greater visibility.

Combining our pillars of strength in skill, technology and personal service in optimizing our patients’ dental experience, resources and outcome, we serve a diverse portfolio of patients, both locally and internationally.

Orchards Dental Care & Implant Center has a panel of expert dentists and is headed by Chief Dental Surgeon, Dr.Shilpa Shashikiran.

At the Orchards Dental Care, we believe in quality dentistry. We follow strict Instrument sterilization protocols and use the latest and best dental materials available in the business today, so you know always that you are getting the best & safe treatment .


We are fully equipped with the most high end technology available in the field of dentistry.

Here is a list of the technologies available in our clinic:

Digital X-rays
Digital Radiography reduces radiation by 90%

Instrument Sterilizers
You always get the best & safe treatment

Intra Oral Camera
Highest level of dental photography

Track Light Monitor
Enhances patient experience and improves efficiency.

Invisible Aligners
Clear aligners are the future of orthodontic treatment.

Why Orchards?

  • Personal Service: Speak to your own dentist anytime 24×7 (out-of-hours: +91-9886020830)
  • We see only one patient at a time (No double-booking)
  • 11 visiting Specialists for various dental specialties
  • We have helped dozens of people overcome their fear of “a dentist”
  • Infection Control: All instruments go through a steam autoclave for sterilization.
  • We use protective equipment such as latex globes, masks and eye wear & lab coats.
  • We not only use disposable needles and syringes but we also make sure that they are not recycled. Fee a safe and comfortable environment at ODC
  • We use only the best materials and certified labs.
  • Soothing music when you are with the dentist, so that you are relaxed while having treatment.
  • Do not miss your appointment, we remind you by sms, emails, and phone.
  • Arrangement for flexibility in payment.
  • Convenient location, close-by to Bus station (Bus # 104 from Majestic)
  • On-line dental records & up-to-date software used for patent records management
  • X-rays and digital cameras so you can se exactly what is going on
  • Open Saturdays & Sundays also
  • Emergency advice and treatment 7 days a week
  • We accept all dental insurance policies & FILL THE CLAIM FORMS FOR FREE
  • Straight teeth for Teens Program: There is nothing more important than keeping your teenagers’ teeth straight before it gets too late.

Our Team

Personalized patient care is what sets Orchards Dental Care apart.

We are a friendly team of dentists and hygienists who work together to ensure that you receive the best treatment that you require at a time that suits you.

Orchards Dental Care & Implant Center has a panel of expert dentists and is headed by Chief Dental Surgeon, Dr.Shilpa Shashikiran

Our Panel of Dentists

Oral Surgery: Dr.Shiva Shankar, M.D.S
Orthodontics: Dr.Krithika M.J, M.D.S
Periodontics: Dr.Manjunath, M.D.S
Prosthodontics: Dr.Rajeshwaran, M.D.S
Endodontist/RCT: Dr.Siddeshwaran, M.D.S & Dr.Prashanth, M.D.S
Laser Dentistry: Dr.Balasubramanyan, M.D.S

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A Happy Smile with
Quality & Affordable Dental Care to All